// Second Mode — What makes our Consignment Solution Unique?

What makes our Consignment Solution Unique?

Consignment shops are notoriously difficult to manage and often require a substantial amount of paperwork. Accounting processes are generally quite complex. The Second Mode Consignment system removes this complexity. Our solution handles the entire process, from the start to the finish, including:

  • Submission of items for review by consignors.
  • Review of items and receipt of items in store, including printing of labels with barcodes
  • Sale of items - a very important part of the process!
  • Refunds - refunds can be an accounting nightmare for most consignment stores, but our solution handles refunds with no effort at all.
  • Returning unsold goods to consignors, or donating them.
  • Paying consignors for sold goods, with a simple click of a button!
A perfectly intuitive solution

Commercially available consignment solutions are expensive and complex to learn, as they need to cater for various competing requirements. Our solution is perfectly intuitive as it is designed with Second Mode in mind, and has been tested and used in our flagship store.

Self-service Submission for Consignors

Our unique self-service system allows consignors to sign-up and submit items for review online. Franchisees then review and items electronically, then the consignor is notified of their accepted item and brings them into the store.

Quick and easy sales

Sales are easy to enter. Just scan the items and click enter. You can redeem a gift certificate simply by scanning it. Give discounts (percentage or fixed amount) for family, friends and regular customers. There is even an option for you to buy goods from your consignors.

Ensure that only quality brands are accepted

Our solution gives you control of what brands you accept, with brands that you do not accept being automatically rejected.

Manage all your Consignor information

The solution will track all consignor activities and sends automated reports to all consignors to keep them up to date.

Offer laybys and gift certificates

Layby and gift certificate functionality are in-built into the solution, and progress of each is fully recorded. Automatic notifications are sent regarding overdue laybys.

Easy Reporting

You can check takings (online and instore, EFTPOS and cash), payments to consignors and debtor accounts at a glance. Daily reports are sent to the franchisee when reconciliation is complete.

Sell non-consignment goods and inventory

You can input your own goods into the system, including available quantities and the system takes care of inventory. Of course, non-consignment sales are reported on separately so that you can input this into your accounting system.

Complete and simple Help

An extensive and context-sensitive help system explains everything in simple terms. And of course, if something still doesn’t make sense, we’re only a call, text or email away.

Mobile and Tablet Support

The system has been built with mobile devices in mind, with a simple dashboard making it easy to navigate. All signatures for payments are taken electronically on the tablet.

Make Bookkeeping Child’s Play

The solution designer is also the bookkeeper. Therefore, system was designed with processes and reports that make reconciling and entering weekly takings extremely simple. The system feeds in perfectly to your accounting solution, saving hours a week in bookkeeping time.

Integration with Online Shop

Our solution is integrated with the online shop, so that you can easily list items at the click of a button and be assured that an item cannot be sold in the online shop then sell in the store (or vice versa).