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Why Second Mode

Join a Successful Business

Join an established proven business with a great track record.

Follow Your Passion

We give you the opportunity to sell goods that you are passionate about.

Help the community

Assist the local community by helping people sell their items.

Own a Sustainable Business

Contribute to a greener future by limiting production of unnecessary items.

Eliminate stock supply issues

A consignment business doesn’t need to buy stock, so you will not have to worry about stock supply issues and there is no stock inventory to manage.

Reduce Staff Costs

Typical consignment businesses are labour intensive, but Second Mode’s unique consignment systems enables busy shops to run successfully with one staff member.

Comprehensive Training

Receive extensive and comprehensive training, to ensure that you are prepared for your business to succeed.

Access to Expert Guidance

You will have access to our experts who will train you and support you all the way.

Software Built for You

Access our comprehensive consignment software built just for Second Mode franchisees.

Reduce your Paperwork

Own a consignment business with no paperwork, a real rarity!

Start with an Online Shop

You will have an online shop on day 1, ready for you to add items at the click of a button.

Easy Bookkeeping

Our consignment bookkeeping processes have been refined over years, with reports that make your reconciliation and sales input a breeze.