// Second Mode — About Us

Initially established in the mid 1990’s in Geelong, Victoria, Second Mode was purchased by the current owner, Rachel Brown in 2018. With an eye for fashion and style, Rachel has revolutionised the visual merchandising and stock quality of Second Mode, enabling it to flourish even throughout the covid pandemic!

Rachel inherited a business with an enormous amount of paperwork and had to work to manage this paperwork every night. So Rachel’s husband Gavin, an IT specialist, developed proprietary software to streamline the whole consignment process. This has made the business super simple and seamless to operate. It handles intake of consignment goods, sales, payments, gift certificates and laybys. This solution, available only to Second Mode Franchises and built specifically for Second Mode Franchises, is what makes it possible to run a consignment store and not fill up your weekends with paperwork and bookkeeping.

Second Mode currently has one franchise, our original store in Geelong, but we are now opening up franchise opportunities all around Australia, with opportunities to open up a franchise in:

  • Bridal or Formal Wear
  • Mens Wear
  • Children’s clothing and goods
  • Sporting equipment
  • Musical instruments and audio equipment
  • Vintage and antique homewares
  • Jewellery

Our Team

Gavin Brown Director - Operations
Gavin is a business analyst and IT project manager who has developed a consignment system uniquely tailored for Second Mode. He handles all process training and operations, making sure that franchisees can get on with the business of selling goods.
Rachel Brown Director - Stores and Styles
Rachel worked in corporate sustainability until taking over Second Mode three years ago. Rachel’s expertise in style, design and fashion has transformed Second Mode into one of the busiest shops in the area and a destination shop for many locals.